Length of session & aftercare

Each session lasts for one hour, though there is often a felt-sense of ‘timelessness’ as the client gradually drops into a state of spaciousness, relaxation and stillness.

The first time we meet, I like to give enough time for us to speak about what brought you here. This means that the time on the treatment table might be shorter for this initial session. Subsequent sessions will usually begin with a briefer ‘check-in’ before moving to the table for the ‘hands-on’ part of the session.

Clients are recommended if possible to have a restful period after receiving a treatment, as emotions often arise which require time and space for processing. The body sometimes feels a great surge of energy but might also feel very relaxed and sleepy and the recommendation is to slow down as much as possible. The body will continue to process the session in the days and weeks after the initial treatment. Significant insights and improvements can also occur as if ‘out of the blue’ during this time.

“My craniosacral sessions, with Fern focus and connect me with the energy flow of all that is inside and beyond me, relaxing me gently into the comforting magnitude of our universe.” C.J 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss booking a treatment, please contact me.