What you might feel during a treatment

During a Craniosacral Therapy session, you might experience a gentle pulsing, warmth, a sense of pressure, tingling, patterns or compressive forces ‘unwinding’, a surge of energy, a sense of peace and stillness, or powerful emotions flowing through you.

Sometimes people experience unusual images or sensations. Often memories from the past surface and connections are made or insights revealed. Most of the time, a session will be experienced as deeply restful. Sometimes familiar patterns and pain surface in order to be witnessed, met and heard.

As the session progresses, you might find yourself accessing the deeper rhythms or ‘tides’ that are within you. Craniosacral Therapists call the most rapid and superficial of these tidal rhythms, the C.R.I (Cranial Rhythmic Impulse). A slower expression of the tide is known as the ‘Mid Tide’. Sometimes the ‘Long Tide’ can be accessed via states of even deeper stillness.

We follow and support the process as it reveals itself in present time.

Much of the power of this work is about being deeply listened to, sometimes for the first time in our lives.

The human body, at peace with itself,

Is more precious than the rarest gem.

Cherish your body, it is yours this one time only.

The human form is won with great difficulty,

It is easy to lose.

Tsong Kharpa

“I always find craniosacral sessions with Fern both grounding and uplifting, empowering and liberating. They really promote a sense of physical and emotional balance and ease, and help restore calm.” J.L

If you have any questions or would like to discuss booking a treatment, please contact me.