“I have seen Fern for regular craniosacral work. She has helped me through so much both physical and emotional. She is a total professional, with a wealth of In-depth knowledge and skill. I have always felt safe to express myself however needed without ever feeling judged. I can not recommend Fern enough  for her skill and empathy. ” C.K

“I have been deeply fortunate to be treated by Fern over many years. She is empathic, insightful, kind, and her craniosacral treatments have immeasurably helped me towards a better relationship with my own wellbeing.” P.R

“I always find craniosacral sessions with Fern both grounding and uplifting, empowering and liberating. They really promote a sense of physical and emotional balance and ease, and help restore calm.” J.L

“My craniosacral sessions, with Fern focus and connect me with the energy flow of all that is inside and beyond me, relaxing me gently into the comforting magnitude of our universe.” C.J 

“From a future that seemed blank and without purpose, I feel pruned, deadheaded and invigorated. I am extremely grateful to Fern for supporting me through this process.” E.H