What to expect during a session

The body knows what it needs to do. There is an essential wisdom we listen to and are guided by – this is called the ‘inherent treatment plan’. The body is the expert. If we listen, it reveals itself, layer by layer in surprising and powerful ways.

During the first session, you will have space to share why you are coming for a treatment and perhaps “what ails you”. This is a time for you and your story to be deeply and respectfully heard. There will be space to speak about what you hope to gain from having treatment. Together we can set some benchmarks in terms of current levels of stress, pain, ability to sleep and magnitude of symptoms. By doing this, we will be able to ascertain the effectiveness of the treatment for you.

I will also explain what I will be doing during the ‘hands-on’ part of the session and how it is that I work.

You will then lie down, fully clothed, on the treatment table, and be made comfortable. If it is difficult for you to lie down, we will accommodate this by using a chair and/or cushions and pillows. Comfort and safety are essential prerequisites to the effectiveness of the treatment.

During the session, there will be times when we are in silence, and other times when we will track what is going on together verbally. There will also be an invitation for you to gently track and share what you are feeling and noticing, if desired.

The therapist orients to what are called the ‘midline’ and ‘primary respiration’ in their own body. The client automatically begins to resonate with the slower pace of the therapist’s system. The client’s body is supported to gradually drop into a state of stillness. During this process, the body begins to reveal its story and patterns so that the intelligence of the body can follow the inherent treatment plan and begin orienting to health.

Somewhere out beyond our senses

Of right doing and wrong doing

There is a field… I’ll meet you there. 


“I have been deeply fortunate to be treated by Fern over many years. She is empathic, insightful, kind, and her craniosacral treatments have immeasurably helped me towards a better relationship with my own wellbeing.” P.R

If you have any questions or want to find out more, please contact me.