Working with Babies and Children

The story of our coming into embodiment, the growth of the embryo and the emergence of a new sentient being is one of life’s mysteries. What did we have to go through to get here? How were we met when we first arrived? How were we encountered and witnessed in this new world, so different in every way from being in the womb? Working with babies and children is a beautiful and powerful part of the craniosacral therapist’s work.

Whatever has been experienced by mum during pregnancy and birth, has impacted the little one. Especially with very young babies, mother and baby ‘share’ or have shared not only one body, but both will have their own individual as well as shared ‘viewpoint’ and ‘story’. It is important that this story is heard, that any difficult or scary moments are respectfully acknowledged, and compressive forces invited to be processed and released. Craniosacral sessions with babies are effective, often moving, and very powerful. We work slowly, with respect and spaciousness, honouring the birth story, the celebration of new life, and helping resolve any possible trauma from unexpected birth interventions. The work does not use compressive forces or tissue manipulation and so is a very safe and effective form of treatment for young babies.

“I always find craniosacral sessions with Fern both grounding and uplifting, empowering and liberating. They really promote a sense of physical and emotional balance and ease, and help restore calm.” J.L

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